Wednesday, January 18, 2012

In the Raw...

This is where it starts. The original resolve was to put up this blog when I moved to Hartford last year as a journal to record my culinary exploits for every single day - or week - that I lived here. Now, I've decided to make it a blog that I go to just to talk about food or the way I cook it for every single day - or week - of the rest of my life. Why should it make a difference where I am?

Of course, food is the whole point of the blog. And if you're looking at the title of the blog and then looking at the pic I've put up and wondering what is this about if you're talking about cheffing or at least cooking...well, all beginnings are just that simple. I mix a bowl of Honey Nut Cheerios and milk every morning, sometimes substituting cereals when the Special K is around. I hate muesli...hate even saying it but maybe that's because I've never had something that makes me say I wish I had a bowl of it right now. So, I'm sticking to factory processed breakfast food that is at least certified as healthier than Sugar or Cocoa Puffs.

Of course, I also cook...a lot. I love making one-pot dishes, curries, rice, pasta...but am looking forward to baking (from scratch), roasting, grilling and doing all the things I wish I'd started off last summer. However, I work hardest when I see the finish line ahead and until I get there, will hopefully have done more than stir a bubbling pot on my wonderful electric stove.

Ok, am not a real, professional chef (have you heard of a chef cooking in his or her pajamas) but a casual home cook who believes that it doesn't really take a degree to be one, although it certainly helps. I aim to learn from professional chefs, from food bloggers and from my most favourite home chefs - my parents and in-laws, relations and friends - who're as fond of good food as I am.

So, here it is! Now, all I'm thinking of is cooking and clicking away at my camera just so I keep at it and record it like an online cookbook of my own. You're welcome to read, judge, criticize and enjoy.

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