Friday, January 20, 2012

Reuben's Deli, West Hartford

Whenever I'm not cooking in my PJs, I'm walking through Hartford looking for great restaurants or even hot dog carts. The best thing about summer was walking through Bushnell Park and seeing events held out on the lawns - like the jazz festival where we heard some good music, sat for a while on the grass munching on some hot veggie tempura and then packed up a really great jerk chicken for our dinner.

Coming back to the present, we went a couple of weeks ago to West Hartford (my fave place) to watch a movie. We enjoyed ourselves sans popcorn and Diet Coke so we could go eat at Chipotle. After the movie, however, we took a rather long walk just to see what else was available on the street and we ended up inside Reuben's Deli hoping they'd find us a table. I had missed the knish experience while in NYC and, to my delight, they had on the menu.

This is how perfect it was to look at and to eat!

We then had the mains - I had half a pastrami on rye (the perfect rye, freshly made) and P had a half turkey and a split pea and ham soup. The bowl next to my sandwich was the yummiest potato salad - creamy, had a few crunchy celery bits and had the perfect biteable chunks of potato (not mushy).

Of course, it was potato overload and my stomach was very heavy even after my walk to Whole Foods and then the bus back home. But it was a great way to spend a Sunday - I'll definitely go back for another kind of sandwich. And next time will ask for their own baked Challah bread.

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