Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Reading Cookbooks....

I've grown up loving to read cookbooks and always find it relaxing to just pore through recipes like I'm reading a novel. It's not an activity I can do for hours but its always a good break for me as I try to mentally match the ingredients to the ones I have in the fridge.

This is a great match for me:

The Breakaway Cook - Eric Gower

I can read this for hours and the recipes aren't that long. In fact, he has already done and excelled at what I'm just attempting to do. If I can bring the same passion to what I cook everyday perhaps Indian cuisine can get there instead of being more intimidating to people who don't necessarily want to or love to cook. Indian curries and spices are a little daunting to the people around here, so much that I ensure that my home isn't greasy-smelling or feel like just too many spices died here. I cannot tolerate too spicy or food that tries to disguise its original, natural flavour by being overly preserved. The minute I bit into carrots and beans that had been tossed in just garlic and olive oil, I nearly cried for not having figured it out years earlier when olive oil had started to become fashionable in India.

Ok, now after a big ol' diversion into me, let's get back to the book. There's a website too:

There are words which really arouse my interest: umeboshi (or Japanese pickled 'plums' - he explains that they're actually apricots), maccha salt, ume vinegar, a lot of Japanese words. Then there are the absolutely interest-sparking recipes, for example, a Habanero fried rice with mangoes, pasta with a sauce of peas and onions, lamb chops sprinkled with lavender, and a recipe that made me borrow the book - Clay-Pot Ginger Pork with Figs and Pickled Fennel - just the pic of it makes me feel all cozy and wonderful inside as if it's a wondrous comfort food that I grew up eating. I would love to go to a mom and pop's restaurant and order that with a side of rice. Looking at the image fills me with all these feelings.

Do check his website to get a feel. It first felt like he was secretly cheffing away in this cookbook while giving the impression these things are easy when they're not, but I started reading the recipes before I even checked it out. They're well within my reach and I am glad that someone wanted to do that. We get more time to actually pay attention to the compliments that follow and the awed looks one gets when one tells them the truth - that it took no time at all to make!

Book: The Breakaway Cook

Author: Eric Gower

It's really awesome!

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