Monday, March 19, 2012

Small Plates, Smaller Portions


I had a cousin come over to stay for the last few days of spring break. It was lovely to take him around and indulge in margaritas, bar snacks and a juicy, custom-made chicken burger with a real ol-fashioned (drink) on the side. We even went to watch 'The Artist'. All of these things happened in intervals while I was cooking up a storm of comfort food, yellow dal, a spicy potato dish, lots of rice and a very spicy and rich Thai chicken curry. Needless to say, the binging took its toll this morning and I'm reducing my portions.

Last night, I cooked a dish of elbow macaroni and pesto with fried eggs and a few sticks of pork sausages (ripping off the tough skins). I ate the leftover 'mini' portion for lunch sprawled on the sofa with a new Claire Berlinski novel from the library and a glass of orange juice. I never thought I'd be the person eating mini portions. My body however seems to crave it. I'm also craving the juicy grapes I'd chomped on throughout the weekend.

I could really munch on some frozen grapes for dessert. What do you recover on after a night (or a few nights) of binging?


  1. know what's the best late night in the heat of summer snack is? frozen grapes. they're candy. only they're better for you.

    i feel like i've been on a carb frenzy all winter, slightly bloated and thick... not an appealing feeling or look. so i am curbing my carb intake, much smaller portions, snacks rather than big actual meals.

  2. Ah, I need some right now!! Yeah, snacking's better for me too, now that I think of it its perhaps the heat thats driving me to it. I love completing a meal with a nice chilled yogurt - better if it has chopped fruits in it.