Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Avocado-Tomato Grilled Sandwiches with Ginger-Coconut Chutney

Avocado-Tomato Grilled Sandwiches with Ginger-Coconut Chutney

Inspired by the spinach, avocado, goat cheese grilled cheese sandwich - Green Goddess Grilled Cheese Sandwich - but without many of the ingredients I would need to make the pesto, I substituted the pesto spread with an Indian chutney - ginger, coconut, chillies and cumin ground to a paste with water. It worked just fine with the veggies and added a spicy, warm note to the grilled cheese.

Click the link above for the recipe on the original sandwich.

Below is the recipe for the ginger-coconut chutney. Makes about 1/2 cup chutney.

Ginger Chutney

1/4 cup shredded fresh coconut

3 green chillies (tiny ones - each chopped into two pieces)

2 tablespoons cilantro

1 tablespoon roughly chopped ginger (if you find the proportion of chillies and ginger too spicy, reduce the chillies but retain the ginger as it provides the basic flavour to the chutney)

1/2 teaspoon ground cumin powder

Salt (I used herbal salt)

Water (to thin the mixture as it grinds into paste)

Put everything except the salt and water into a blender and grind it as finely as possible (add water little at a time to make it a slightly thick fluid - spreadable). When it's done, take it out of the blender and add salt.

When making the sandwich, I spread the chutney on the bread slices and added mozzarella. Then I added tomato and avocado slices on one side and covered it with the other bread slice (with the chutney and mozzarella). I heated some butter and olive oil in a pan and placed one side of the sandwich on it, keeping it there for a few minutes to fry a golden brown. After slightly pressing down on the sandwich, I flipped it over to fry on the other side.

This was a simple and incredibly tasty sandwich. Really enjoyed myself!


  1. i have all the ingredients to make this chutney, in fact, i've been despairing what to do with the fresh ginger and cilantro i have languishing in the fridge. how long would it last in the fridge before spoiling, do you think?

  2. Hi Lan! Ummm...it tends to last for at least four-five days. Of course, if there's chutney in the place then it's gone much before that - spread on sandwiches, eaten with rice, etc. :)

  3. I love avocados in my sandwiches, and to have it grilled sounds great. Like the sound of those chutneys too!


  4. I've always wanted to try avocado in a grilled cheese. It sounds awesome! I'm also intrigued by the chutney. Sounds like an interesting mix.

    1. Hi Erica! Welcome to my blog. I love a spicy chutney and though I was keen on pesto, I didn't have enough ingredients and hence, had to work with what I had. The sandwich tasted great though, so no complaints :). Lemme know if you do try it.