Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Choco-Doodles and Habanero-Mango Fried Rice

I am always confident when bookmarking recipes but very reluctant to try when it comes down to it, I keep postponing the moment of actual cooking/baking. It usually happens when the fear of the unknown is a little too much and I happily procrastinate. Last week, the procrastination got to me and I finally decided to dive into the unknown with two simple and delicious sounding recipes.

Nigella Lawson's Choco-Doodles
I was super glad to have tried Nigella's Snickerdoodles recipe with cocoa (Choco-doodles). It is a super versatile little cookie - have them as cookies alongside some nice, piping hot tea or coffee, or crush them into a bowl of vanilla ice cream. Yum squared. Not only are they amazingly delicious with a cake-like texture inside but they are very very easy to make. And super quick...bake them an hour or so before you're expecting company.

After the rush of baking these cookies, I wanted something delicious and yet easy on for dinner with Eric Gower's Habanero-Mango rice recipe. I really wish I could have done more than molded them into a rice tower but well, limited dishes and appliances can do this to a person.

Eric Gower's Habanero-Mango Fried Rice

I can read his cookbook for hours, appreciating the way his recipes keep it simple despite the use of exotic ingredients - maccha salt, pickled Japanese plums - with pictures that could keep me absorbed for hours. I wish I'd done more of his recipes while I had the book, a chicken dish inspired by the flavours of mojito, a clay pot meat dish, amazing wontons, but I have a trip to prepare for and gifts to buy... next week I'm boarding a flight to India for a long vacation. I don't know how often I'll update this blog during that time but am looking forward to sharing photos of old haunts and favourite foods. I'm very very excited although I will miss my flat, my oven, all my baking stuff and the last month of summer!

But I will check my reading list and live vicariously through your recipes and posts! Happy last month of summer!


  1. I am exactly the same way... a procrastinating cook. I have a million recipes pinned in Pinterest and have made maybe three of them. Oh well. I have a friend who challenged herself to make one new recipe a week. I may have to try something like that to get motivated to get out of my comfort zone some.

    And... oh my goodness, you're going to India!!! Have fun! I hope you share some of your travels. :)

    1. Hi Erica! Thank you and yes, I certainly am looking forward to clicking pics of my favourite foods to share on the blog. Hey, maybe I should do that too @ try a new recipe a week if not two or least I'll get through all the farm produce and baking supplies that way. Let me know if you start it.

    2. I'll let you know if I start the recipe challenge. Gotta get motivated... lol!

      Can't wait to see all your foodie adventures in India! :)

  2. i'm glad you're stepping out of your comfort zone & baking! i hope you're keeping this up in India.
    i've never heard of eric gower but the fried rice looks super exotic.

    enjoy your travels!

    1. Hi Lan! Thank you, I'm very excited. And yes, I do want to continue my cooking/baking in India if only to see whether it is possible in the equipment I have available there. Plus will be adding a lot of foodie photos - old favourites and new delicacies - both in Mumbai (Bombay) and neighbouring cities.

  3. Oo the mold mango rice looks so divine!