Sunday, May 20, 2012

Lipsmacking NYC Food Festival

It was wonderful to see 9th avenue blocked to traffic. Even if we had to take the longer route to get into NYC, it was well worth it when we immersed ourselves in the fest and all the delicacies it had to offer.

I had the world's best Lamb Gyro. Also some gorgeous fried shrimp which was gone before I could snap it up. I loved the calamari, which also included tiny whole octopus. The best drink? A glass of Sangria while sitting under an umbrella which was a pleasant time-out from walking around in the heat.


  1. looks absolutely awesome
    new to your space vinita
    very interesting space you have
    happy following you..:)
    do stop by mine sometime
    Tasty Appetite

  2. Thanks, Jay! Welcome to my blog. Will definitely stop by your blog too! :)

  3. Nice blog... First time here.... When u get free time do drop at my place...

  4. NYC....cannot beat it. And I am not sure where Bing is going in India but what is your weather like in January through April? Someone at work said they thought that was monsoon season?!!

  5. It's actually winter in January and almost summer-like heat by March-April. However, winter is more tropical and it can be sunny warm by day and a little chilly at night but never as cold as it is here. It also depends on where she is, it is felt more at the extremely northern parts of India. Monsoons are from June to September.