Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Coffee Banana Nut Muffins

Coffee Banana Nut Muffins

When I first saw Paula Deen's cooking show, I was flabbergasted at the richness of the dishes she would demonstrate. So, when I trawled through the Food Network website in search of an easy muffin recipe, I was amazed to find that hers was one of the simplest ones.... and hence - ta da! - my first freshly baked-from-scratch muffins!

Mixing the batter was certainly not easy; the process has certainly strengthened my right arm muscles. As it baked, my heart soared at the lovely banana and vanilla aroma wafting throughout the kitchen. And when I peeped in to see perfectly risen and moist muffins, I was moved to dance and was the very first baked from scratch product and I was so glad to not have to throw it away at the first attempt.

A muffin and a cup of Jasmine Tea to accompany my book - Perfect!

When attempting this one, use four very ripe bananas and if you like your muffins sweet, use more sugar...coz this one was mildly sweet. Some of the reviews for the recipe suggest using chocolate chips...if I had any I would have bunged them in.

Get the recipe for Michael's Banana Coffee Muffins here. I substituted chopped walnuts for pecans and they worked just fine but I would have used a lesser quantity.

Thanks to this recipe, I feel more sure of trying to make cakes, icings and frostings, cookies and other bakes. I wonder what will be my first cake recipe - Apple? Lemon? Or a strawberry gateaux? :)


  1. hooray for baked goods! it's not as scary as you thought, right?!

    i adore banana bread with chocolate chips... my darling does not like fruit mixed with chocolate (the horror!) so he includes dried craisins when he makes it. the tartness gives the bread something extra special.

    it's berry season, i would recommend baking things to highlight summer's bounty! (i have a the easiest strawberry cake recipe if you're interested, it's on my blog.)

  2. Hey, thanks for sharing! It's definitely not as scary and I'm all eager to keep baking new things this summer. Yes, I'm definitely interested in the strawberry cake recipe, we keep seeing strawberries everywhere when shopping. I hope you've got the banana bread recipe too...dried raisins with chocolate chips sounds like a great combo!

    1. easiest strawberry cake and the best banana bread, ever.

      please let me know how they turn out, and hopefully you'll blog about it.

    2. Thank you, Lan! :) I will definitely blog about first cake from scratch and it looks soooo good. It's the kind of cake I love to eat - something sweet with my coffee/tea.